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Young Kousagi Tsukino one day turn into a superhero along with Rei Jr , Ami Jr , Mako and Mina and Became Sailor Scouts of the Parallel World

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Parallel Sailor Kousagi by MasterOfRa

Kousagi Drawing Of her Sailor Form

This is the Latest Update To The Website : Help Wanted! We need helpers to make this website be something sailor fans , moonsisters ,tuxedobrother or just finding out about Sailor moon whatever! (Warning : if you put something to do with Soul Eater or something like that get off this wiki now!)
Help Wanted


Chibiusa Diary Edit

Chibiusa Diary is now on our website if you want to read it go search it up on ParallelSailorMoon Search Bar The Very First Entry is Posted on Check it out

Kousagi DiaryEdit

Kousagi Diary Also is out Please Go On the ParallelSailorMoon Search Bar The Very First Entry is Posted On Check it out

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